Awesome. ALeX journey changed my life and it can change yours too.

I am ACTIVE (on and off the bike), I am in the best shape of my life, have the most energy, yet I "workout" less than before. I don't count calories, I have no idea how much I weight. I have a healthy relationship with FOOD.  I take REST as part of my routine and I also work on my MIND every day. I feel great and am never looking back!

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Result of the 20 year yo-yo on display. Overweight,

stressed out, and working on a

family vacation. And instead of taking my niece for a walk ALONG THE OCEAN, I gave her iPad to play with, TERRIBLE. You can see her little fingers on the edge of the cropped photo.  

Getting better. I am eating healthier, moving (though still focused on "working out", exercise, racing). I am learning to disconnect, love life, live clean in the contest of our modern world and exercise the most important muscle of all - my mind.  Try it! 


Why does ALeX exist? 

My journey ... as well as journey of my family, friends, and our society.


I came to the US as a high school exchange student because I wanted to see the world, experience a new

culture, and learn a new language. I also had a dream of playing basketball in the NBA. Ha ... that happens to

one in a million kids. I gained an amazing experience over the one year as an exchange student. And I also

gained 16 lbs. I don't know how because I made the varsity basketball team and also ran cross-country. 


When I went  home for the summer, the pounds started melting off. I guess going back home to a poorer

country, where we HAD TO EAT REAL FOOD, had to do something to do with it.  


Fast forward to my college and professional years back here in the US, I “yoyo’ed” for 20 years. I yoyo'ed between phases of being super fit to totally out of shape, losing 30 lbs and gaining it right back, training and racing to completely burning out. I had trained with and had been coached by some of the best, including professional and Olympic athletes. I knew could not “yoyo” anymore and I knew there had to be a more fun, effective, and sustainable way. I studied, researched, experimented on myself; and ALeX was born. ALeX brings together my 20 years of trials and tribulations, experience in business, executive coaching, sports, along with functional nutrition education.


Why am I sharing ALeX with you and the world? 

Because when it comes to being healthy today, the deck of cards

is stacked against us. And tangled in a complex web of interests of

very powerful players that profit because many people are sick! 


And also because diets, shakes, packaged meals, points, injections may offer 

shortcuts yet don't work. Pill are just dangerous and surgeries, insane and 

insanely expensive. You have to do the work! We give you the tools and the

roadmap to tackle the major causes/contributors to disease: 

  • Poor diet - it starts with food. 
  • Wrong way of exercising.
  • Everyday toxins and chemicals.
  • Negative mindset. 


The ALeX journey will change your life one bite, one step, one breath, one thought at a time. ALeX will help you THRIVE!



Founder of Active Life eXperiment